5 Hacks to Kid-Proof Your Home

Dated: April 24 2020

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If you’re still reeling from the sudden dilemma of having your kids home 24/7, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Before now, many parents lacked the time to entirely overhaul the house for the kids’ sake. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to turn your home into an ideal place for playing, learning, and growing.

Here Are Five Helpful Steps Towards That Goal:

1) Revamp the Kid-Zone

If you already have a kid-friendly area or a “kid-zone,” then you’ve probably noticed that with all the extra time on their hands, you’re kids are more interested in the rest of the house. Renew their interest in their play area by implementing kid-friendly tables and chairs that are closer to the floor. Additionally, you can install rubber coat hooks that will make it easier for your kids to interact with space. Make sure to arrange their favorite toys and activities in a way that attracts them back to this area.

2) Build Cubbies

Cubbies are an excellent solution for maximizing organization and how much your child enjoys their play area. Kids love exploring these fun little nooks to find their favorite toys and books. Cubbies are also among the easiest DIY projects to embark on. Your options for how to tackle this project are vast, ranging from things as cheap as cardboard cut-outs to particleboard and colorful paint.

3) Round Out the Edges

This is always true, but even more so now: a trip to the emergency room is the last thing parents want! Thus minimizing the chances of that right now is essential. One nifty hack that you may not have considered is pool noodles! Yes, all those colorful noodles in your garage finally have a use. Cut a vertical slice through a short length of foam noodle, then wrap it around the door’s edge to prevent it from closing and crushing little fingers. You can also use a pool noodle in your child’s bed to keep them from falling out. Place the pool noodle under the fitting sheet on the edge of the bed to create a soft barrier.

4) Use Area Rugs

Area rugs minimize the chances that your kids will hurt themselves in a fall, while at the same time making their play area more colorful and inviting. Finding something fuzzy and pleasant to touch is a great way to enhance the play area. If you’re worried about spills or dirtiness, a good hack is to build your area rug out of carpet tiles—that way, if you have to clean a spot, you have an 18′ by 18′ square you can take away, rather than an entire rug.

5) Get a Chalkboard

Kids love chalkboards! They really are a great addition to any playroom. You can create one using a board and chalkboard paint, or you can use semigloss paint, which is an excellent alternative, as you can find them in a variety of colors.

Having the kids home all day every day was never the plan, but with these simple hacks, you can mitigate a great deal of chaos and have some fun in the process.

If you’re in the market for a new home that’s already geared to be kid-friendly, get in touch with me today. I can help you find the perfect house for you and your growing family! Email me at judymartinsells@gmail.com or call 301-208-2288. 

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