5 Ways to Make Your Virtual Open-House or Tours Shine

Dated: June 3 2020

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Woman Planning Her Virtual Open House Home Tour

If you are selling a home right now, you’re either hosting virtual tours, or you’re considering hosting them.

Hosting physical open houses or tours may be off the table for quite some time, but virtual open houses use live stream technology to share your home with buyers so they can enjoy it from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.

Still, there are as many pros as there are cons involved. For example, it’s incredibly convenient and time-efficient to host virtual tours of your home, but the effect of fresh-baked cookies and silver balloons is somewhat lessened via zoom.

The fact remains that people are still serious about buying homes. Buyers have taken their house hunt online, and while inventory in the housing market is down, demand is still high. This means that it’s more important than ever to make your virtual showings work!

Here are Five Ways to Make Your Virtual Tours and Open-Houses Truly Engaging:

1) Livestream Your Virtual Open House

Going live is a feature of Facebook that generates the most engagement, yet it is also one of the least-used features. Going live for your open-house can get more eyes, and therefore increase the interest in your home. But it’s vital that you have a plan and a purpose when you present your property this way.

2) Have a Plan

Map out the path you want your viewers to take through the house. Make sure it’s well thought out and highlights the most attractive qualities of your home. Provide this floor plan to your viewers so that they know what to expect, and can orient themselves as they’re taken along.

3) Polish Your Presentation

Be sure that the staging is well put together—think movie set! Clean surfaces until they sparkle and experiment with lighting. Find the sweet spot with your light so that it looks best on camera. Remember: what looks good in-person may not translate well to a zoom-call. With the path, the staging, and the lighting is taken care of, you’re ready to give home-buyers a much higher-quality tour of your home, but how do you get more buyers interested?

4) Promote Online

Your buyers are online, your tour is online, and your promotional efforts should be too. Utilize social media posts and reposts: Create save-the-date, teaser, and reminder posts to share on your agent’s pages, their agency pages, and your personal social media accounts. For the best engagement, post slideshows and video posts over still images. Use E-blasts by sending a virtual open house announcement, including time, date, and information on how to join your agent’s contact lists.

5) Have a Professional Agent Host

Finally, be sure to have a professional agent who knows how to coordinate and host virtual tours. There is quite a bit of production that goes into these tours, and ensuring that they are high quality often requires a team effort. Skimping on your virtual tours can make all the difference in selling a house in today's market.

If you’re looking to start hosting virtual tours of your home or to take your virtual tours to the next level, I can help. With access to professional photography, drone fly-overs, and comprehensive knowledge of virtual tours, you’ll be in great hands.

Email me at judymartinsells@gmail.com, or call 301-208-2288.

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