Top Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling — None Are COVID-19.

Dated: 05/28/2020

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If your house is up for sale, and you’re wondering why it’s not selling, it can be tempting to blame the current pandemic -- but don’t take your house off the market just yet.

Research shows that houses are still selling, and what’s more, it’s a sellers’ market. In March, the number of homes for sale declined 15.7% compared to March 2019, while the national median listing price grew 3.8%. According to a Flash Poll by HomeLight, 75% of agents report that home prices are holding steady in their market.

So, if it’s not the market, why isn’t your house selling? Let’s not rule out the most prevalent reason houses don’t sell: Presentation!

Three Reasons Your House May Not Be Getting the Consideration it Deserves:

1) Low-Quality Photos

Top-quality photos are essential for selling your home quickly! The difference between a well-presented picture and an amateur picture is enormous. Anybody can snap a picture, but without considering composition, lighting, and editing, the end product will be worlds apart from your competitors. And in this day and age, we are all so used to professionally curated images, so the bar is very high!

2) Lack of Staging

When you’re staging your home for potential buyers, there are a million decisions to make. You can leave it empty--and many people do--but staged homes tend to sell faster! If you don’t want to waste energy dragging your couch back and forth, you could try virtual staging, which digitally adds furnishings to your space. It’s come a long way and can make a home look beautiful. There are many online services as well as DIY apps to choose from.

3) Poorly Hosted Virtual Tours (Or none at all!)

Many of us are still adjusting to the virtual world and all the rules that apply. Hosting virtual meetings can be fraught with technical difficulties and awkward moments of all kinds in the best of times. When buyers are looking at your house, it’s essential that they feel comfortable, so that they can imagine what it would be like to live there. That’s why it’s crucial to map out the virtual tour beforehand, so it has a clear flow. Potential-homebuyers should have a floor-plan, and an itinerary so they know what to expect going in.

If you haven’t covered these bases yet, and you’re serious about selling your home, it may be time to take things to the next level. Implementing professional photography, staging, and high-quality virtual tours will significantly increase the profile of your house and do a great deal in reducing the amount of time your home sits on the market.

If you’re looking to get some professionals on your team, the good news is I am here to help.

Email me at or call 301-208-2288.

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