Buyers Guide

In over 29 years of being a realtor, I have worked with hundreds of clients and seen how overwhelming it can be to buy a home. That’s why I developed my Buyers Guide. I wanted a way to render this complex process into smaller, simpler steps that would make it much more manageable. 

This guide is easy-to-use and built on a huge foundation of experience. It contains: 

✅ Documentation Checklist

✅ Formulating an Offer

✅ From Contract to Close

✅ Mistakes to Avoid

✅ Sellers/Buyers Checklist

✅ Moving Day Planner Checklist

✅ And More!

What’s more is that this guide is completely free! All you have to do is to submit a request, and you’ll get yours emailed directly to you. 

Happy home buying everyone! Remember: if you need any help buying or selling a home, all you need to do is call (301) 379-1700.

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